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The core values of Viva Star Coffee are based on the Excellence, Confidence, Integrity, Respect, Passion, Teamwork and National Pride.

Core Values

Best Coffee Best You

For any organization or individual, core values ​​are always an integral part. No successful brand can build a core value.

Maybe you are feeling a little bit ambiguous when it comes to talking about core values ​​or feeling that it’s a big deal… So, do you always smile and think positively in every situation? Don’t you? When you fail, do you always think that it is an opportunity for you to grow?…

Congratulations, your core value ​​is your smiling. You think that you should smile with something joyful and funny,… it is obsoletely a real value. But behind your smiling is a positive thinking system that will decide your life and sometimes even change other people’s lives.

And that makes nobody in 7 billion people in the world is like you. Have you realized your worth to this life?

The Best Coffee – For The Best YOU!


With VIVA STAR COFFEE, customers are always the objective and target for our effort to innovate, adjust and strive. We understand that bringing values to customers is also gaining values for the company...


No product or service is worthless. But with VIVA STAR COFFEE, the values we bring to our customers must be the best values with all our heart and the passion.


We do not only sell coffee, we but also sell the best coffee, because YOU are the best. We want to share into every cups of coffee is THE BELIEFS IN LIFE.


Everything will be out of date, only creativity and innovation is always updated and flexible. We consider creativity to be the most valuable asset in our organization. And always strive to build a creative image in the eyes of consumers.


VIVA STAR COFFEE is created with the desire and belief that we will be referred to by the world as a BEST coffee brand – THE BEST. That is also the spirit of our integration.


Come to VIVA STAR COFFEE, not only experiences the new space where customers are shared and penetrated, but also demonstrates a new spirit of coffee.

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