About us

About Us

General Introduction

- In 2013, with dynamism, creativity and anticipating future coffee development trends, we initially successfully built and brought about efficiency with the franchise and authorization system VIVA STAR COFFEE at VIVA STAR COFFEE in Vietnam. Vietnam.

- More than 300 stores spreading across the country and reaching out to the world, the VIVA STAR COFFEE system according to a separate model has been imprinted with the most fastidious coffee lovers.

Coming to VIVA STAR COFFEE not only experience in new spaces but also customers can share, empathize and demonstrate a new spirit of coffee.

No product or service is without value. But with VIVA STAR COFFEE, the value we bring to customers must be the best value with all our enthusiasm and passion.



Achievements Acquired

Through the process of establishment and development, Viva Star Coffee system is extremely proud of the results and achievements.

2017   -   Success from the initial steps. Viva is growing rapidly with its 150th store in operation.

2018   -   Reaching out to the region with the first store in Cambodia. A new step, marking a strong development.

By 2021   -   More than 300 domestic and foreign stores have come into operation efficiently and smoothly. Up to now, Viva Star Coffee has achieved results in a very short time and constantly affirms its position in the market.



About Us
About Us


- "The Best Coffee - For The Best YOU"

- Viva Star Everywhere, Everyday

- Coffee chain honors the national brand

- Proud of Vietnamese coffee in the international market

- Build a great organization.


- "The Best Coffee - For The Best YOU"

- Universalize coffee to everyone

- Dedication and service to society

- Multiplying valuable people

- Clone the global prosperity business model.
Core values

Core values

- Excellent personality

- Teamwork

- Raise the value

- Success

- National pride.

Safety certificate

Internal activities

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